HydroStop AH – 23

AH-25 Liquid Waterproofing

Hydrostop AH25 Liquid Waterproofing

Hydrostop AH25 Liquid Waterproofing

Hydrostop EU AH-25 is an innovative one-component liquid waterproofing system which offers significant advantages over conventional systems. It can be applied under practically any conditions, including cold days above 0oC and on moist surfaces (7% or less).  Hydrostop EU AH-25 is fast-curing and easy to apply.  Its superior performance makes it ideal for any small scale, large commercial, new build or refurbishment projects.

Hydrostop EU AH-25 is based on alpha-hybrid, silane terminated polyether technology. Not only does it exceed most performance criteria of other liquid systems, including polyurethane and PMMA, it also eliminates many of the disadvantages of these products.

Hydropstop EU AH-25 is grey in colour.  Custom colours are available.

Hydrostop EU AH-25 complies with the European Technical Approval Guidelines for liquid applied roof waterproofing kits (ETAG 005) for all listed use categories.


  • Cost effective on wet-on-wet system
  • Water repellent on application
  • Non-hazardous – low odour, no solvents, isocyanurate free
  • Ready to use, single liquid component
  • Can be applied all year round above 0oC
  • No wastage – product can be stored and reused
  • Cold applied – no heat or flame
  • Fully reinforced with polyester fabric
  • Ideal for complex detailing
  • Excellent elasticity and tensile strength

Hydrostop EU AH25 Liquid WaterproofingHydrostop EU AH25 Liquid Waterproofing