Flat roofs

Flat roofSealoflex Flat Roof Waterproofing System

The Sealoflex Waterproofing system consists of a combination of a highly flexible emulsion saturant, a non-woven polyester fabric and a UV resistant flexible top coat available in the numerous colours to suit most flat roofs. The system forms a fully adhered, tough, flexible waterproofing membrane which has a highly successful 18 year record in North America, Australia, South East Asia, Europe and Africa.

Both Sealoflex CT and Acrylic offer:

  • Long life expectancy
  • Ease of maintenance and repair
  • No risk of joint failure
  • Compatibility to most substrates
  • Cost effective waterproofing
  • Minimum disruption during installationflat roof
  • Aesthetic design possibilities
  • Generally low risk application
  • The capacity to waterproof complex details
  • Minimal increase in load

Sealoflex WB

Is the most environmentally friendly flat roofing system available today. It is odourless, has no plasticers, solvents or chemicals. It can be safely applied, even in unvented areas, without protective equipment. In occupied buildings, and particularly those with air conditioning intakes, this means that there is no need for evacuation whilst repairs are being undertaken. For schools, apartments or hotels through to factories and offices this lack of interruption can save costs, maintain productivity, minimize disruption and make project scheduling far easier.

Comes with a 15 year manufacturer backed warranty. However, by applying another topcoat within the 15 year period the warranty will be extended for a further 5 years and so on throughout the life of the building

For more information about the Sealoflex system please visit www.sealoflex.co.uk

Sealoflex systems can be supplied in many colours. This example shows the standard colour range. More colours are available as a special order.Weatherfix 25 year guarantee